Sfaktiria Island

It is located in the west part of the bay of Navarino and blocks it from the Ionian Sea. It is a historic place and has been connected with the great victory of Athenians over the Staptans during the Peloponnesean War in 425 B.C. under the guidance of general Demosthenes who forced the garrison of the island to surrender after being besieged by the navy for 72 days. In memory of this victory the sculptor Paeonios created the magnificent statue of the ?Victory of Paeonios?.

Sphacteria is a small island at the entrance to the bay of Pylos at Peloponnese, Greece. Its modern name is Sphagia. The most common dive sites are:

Mermaids Cave

Is an amazing dive site with rich aquatic life and a beautiful big cavern which is magical. In this cavern you can see all the types of colors and columns of sunlight’s coming into the cave from the ceiling. When you dive there you will understand the title “ Mermaids Cave” . You will see big groupers inside the cavern and very often dolphins are passing from that point. Photos are mandatory.!!

HAZARDS: Some sea urchins on the entrance of the cavern may be hazardous if you don’t see them. Lights inside are mandatory.

OWD with 15 logged dives

Max Depth: 20 meters

Navarone Rocks

Navarone rocks is a dive site near the entrance of Pylos harbor. It is a Wall dive with groupers, sinagridas and other fishes. There is a cave there which is very impressive because of the size and we are visiting only the first room which is very safe for all levels.

HAZARDS:Cause of the touristic activities with boats on the surface, a buoy and a specific entry and exit point is mandatory.

XP level: All

Max Depth: 20 meters

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