We are at your disposal to advise you on accommodation, tours of monument, sports, restaurants, walks, trendy places, etc. Waiting to meet you, we offer a quick overview to the region which is not to be missed.
In addition to diving, Ionian Dive Center will encourage you discover Marathopolis and its surroundings. The region is full of all sorts of activities from tours of historic sites to night life in some neighborhoods.
Gargalianoi is a picturesque town near Marathopolis. Surrounded by hills covered with olive trees and vineyards which gives its charm, it astonishes by its wild and natural beauty. Built on a hill, it offers a breathtaking view of the island of Proti as well as the entire region.

 Proti island
Three kilometers west of Marathopolis, yhe water surrounding the Proti island (altitude 184 metres) offers many places ideal for diving. “Proteas” is its greek name which comes of the sea god Poseidon. Pirates sheltered during the XVIII and XIX century, this small virtually uninhabited island is also of essential archaeological importance: there are  Romain fortifications from the Preclassic period and
inscriptions on rocks, that traders and travelers left during the Classical eras as well as Roman and Byzantine period. These protected them from the gods. The island is now home to the monastery of Panagia Gorgopigi a tribute to the Virgin Mary, the icon of which, according to the legend, was found on the shore of the
 Sphactérie island
against an Athenian army during the Peloponnesian war in 425 BC. It is also at this point that in October 1827, 82 boats of the Turkish fleet suffered a terrible defeat against the French-Russian fleet, although they were outnumbered, and the bottom of the sea is still littered with fragments of this repeated naval warfare.
The island of Sphacteria, « Sfaktiria » in Greek, is an inhabited island 4.6 km long and 500 to 1000 meters wide. It houses several memorials dedicated to deceased Greek and foreign heroes who gave their lives for the independence of Greece. On the top of the island, there are remains of an ancient fort containing traces of a battle in which 420 Spartians fought desperately  
Also known as Navarino, Pylos is the seat of the municipality, Pylos-Nestor, created in 2010. This town is famous since antiquity for its role in the history and mythology of Greece. It was the scene of the naval battle of Navarino in 1827 where it still retains vestiges nowadays.
Today this charming little town is certainly one of the most attractive cities of the Peloponnese. The small fishing port opens into the city and the Neokastro fortress that dominates the west side of the city, are also part of its appeal.
Located south-west Peloponnese, Marathopolis is a peaceful fishing village that has more than one asset, a port where fishing boats are a permanent attraction, the clear waters of the Ionian sea, beautiful long sandy beaches, olive fields, typical pedestrian streets with many coffee bars and taverns open late at night,
good quality musical shows and wine tasting from the region’s vineyards… in short, everything you need to spend pleasant moments of relaxation! At a short distance from the village, the island of Proti also reveals to be very charmful.
Methoni is a city steeped in history. Located on the roads towards the markets of the East, the Venetians were interested by the city since the XII century. To avoid attacks from pirates, they fortified the town. It then became an important and prosperous commercial place as well as a stepping stone for the Venetians traveling to the Holy Land.
Today the town has preserved, in remarkable condition, the castle built by the Venetians in the XVI century. The Venetian flag with the lion of St Mark still overlooks the town and is visible from miles around. Its fortifications are very impressive: a great wall about 3 km long, towers, bastions, curtain walls and an artillery platform are all in great condition.
In 2010 the city was registered on the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by Unesco, for its food quality, unchanged for centuries and whose main ingredients are olive oil, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits sometimes dried and a small proportion of fish and dairy products.
Koroni is a coastal city situated on a hill overlooking a breathtaking Venetian castle. The town was founded during Antiquity, and the erection of the fortress during the Vie and VII century was built on the ruins of the old town. In 1206 the Venetians seized the city, an important support point on the trade route to the Holy Land.  
At just one hour’s drive away from Marathopolis, Olympia has the most compelling archaeological site in the region. The sanctuary was dedicated to Zeus, under whose auspices the Games were held every four years, starting 776 BC. It was here that in Antiquity, the Olympic Games were born. All the archaeological discoveries made here are grouped in the Olympia Archaeological Museum.
Located halfway between Pyrgos and Methoni, the city of Kyparissia is built on different levels, and was firmly established in the Roman, Byzantine, Frank and Ottoman empires. It is worthwhile to make a detour so as to admire the fortress built in the Frankish period. Olive and cedar forests make up the surrounding landscape. There are also turtles in the coastal waters here.
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