Diving Sites
The Marathopolis region offers great diving spots. Ionian Dive Center introduces you to major destinations as well as unusual places. Extremely beautiful, these spots hold a unique aquatic fauna and a flora.
Novices and experienced divers will be guaranteed to be filled with sheer emotion. Our most popular destinations are Proti Island, Sphacteria Island and the special diving sites in Pylos.
Proti Island
◊ The Callens valley is situated to the rear of the Proti Island on arriving from Marathopolis. As elsewhere, the visibility is excellent. From time to time, dolphins approach this area. What a show! Required level: for all. Maximum sea depth: 25 meters
 The Tiganakia Creek is located to the east of the island. This is a cave dive in which the walls are covered up with many corals, sponges and thousands of shrimps, giving the illusion of moving walls. On this site, you can also enjoy many fish species, including lobsters. Required level: Open Water Diver or higher. Maximum sea depth: 25 meters
The Vourlia Creek is a beautiful creek to the east of the island. It is ideal for a first dip in the blue waters of the Ionian Sea. At only 5 meters of depth, the diver will discover the wreck of the Anouar ship (40 meters long), which dates back to the Second World War. Required level: for all. Maximum sea depth: 12 meters
◊ The Beacon cave is situated below the island’s lighthouse, and is the home of many fish of all sizes and colors. Due to its configuration, fishermen cannot get there. This dive is only for experienced divers. Required level: Advanced Open Water divers only. Maximum sea depth: 40 meters.
◊ The Blue Hole is another place for incredible diving located southwest of the Proti Island. Among the colored rocks, there is a cave with the unique visual aspect that takes the diver in a real labyrinth. Level required: Open Water Diver. Maximum sea depth: 30 meters.
Sphacteria Island
◊ The Mermaid Cave is an amazing dive site in more ways than one. In addition to a rich and agitated aquatic life scene, it contains a large and simply magical cavern. All kinds of colors are revealed by the sunlight entering through the ceiling of the cave. Large groupers have taken up residence and, occasionally dolphins and seals are glancing. Required level: Open Water Diver or higher. Maximum sea depth: 20 meters.
◊ The rocks of Navarone is a dive site near the entrance of the Pylos port. This site is situated next to multiple species of fish, including groupers. There is also an impressive cave. Because of its size, the first room is accessible to all divers, whatever their level of diving. Required level: for all. Maximum sea depth: 20 meters.
Diving parks of Pylos
◊ At Pylos, two archaeological diving parks recently welcome visitors to explore the wrecks of ancient merchant ships from the Roman, Byzantine and Medieval times. The most beautiful wrecks are those of the Navarino battle. This naval battle took place on October 20, 1827 in the Navarino bay, between the Ottoman fleet and a French-Russian-British Fleet. The intervention of these three powers was in the context of the Greek Independence War. At the end of the fighting, the Ottoman defeat was total.
◊ The battle of Navarino is considered to be the last great naval battle of sailing ships before the advent of steamships, battleships and shells, as well as a decisive step towards the independence of Greece. It is also one of the first “humanitarian intervention pretext’s in history. Discovered by Sapienza island archaeologists, these wrecks have deteriorated over the years, but their cargo remains untouched. These include: Middle East granite columns, amphorae, stone sarcophagi which are scattered on the seabed. 
◊ The Bay of Pylos is also the scene of a magnificent spectacle where the caves and underwater reefs see groupers, sea turtles and dolphins live side by side.
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