Scuba Diver 

Beginners - 1 hour
Junior Scuba Diver
 The basic diving license
Beginners - 2 hours 
The benefit of the license
Beginners - 3 hours 
It allows you to dive under the direct supervision of an experienced diver to a maximum depth of 12 meters.
& Junior Open Water Diver
Course length
& Junior Scuba Diver
3 hours 
Beginners - 2 to 5 days
For whom ?

15 years old or over (or 10 years old for a Junior Scuba Diver’s license) and after having first filled out a short medical questionnaire

Advanced - 3 hours 
Advanced- 5 days
 In the course program
Advanced - 2 hours
The Scuba Diver is the basic license of the Padi International organization of the Padi diving. In no time, the course provides students with the knowledge and skills of basic diving :
Pro - 5 days
the control of buoyancy, descents and ascents, and underwater breathing
Pro - 2 weeks
the preservation of heat in the water, swimming techniques, diving under the supervision of an experienced diver
the diving environment and underwater life
the main problems to be avoided underwater
diving from a boat
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