The Ionian Dive Center: an exceptional diving center.


Since 2010, the Ionian Dive Center has welcomed divers from the whole World, to discover the multiple natural resources of the southwest of the Peloponnese. Based to Marathopolis, the centre is above all friendly and has opene up the discovery and the wonders of the Ionian Sea.
Ionian Dive Center started in 2010 from the will of two friends, a Greek and a Belgian. Their purpose: discover and share this magnificent region still too little known by divers. Up to then, the island Proti, situated in front of the city of Marathopolis, had remained off the divers radar. The dives near this island as well as in all the region, holds nevertheless many surprises: varied fauna, abundant and varied flora, and wrecks lying in the bottom of the sea. 

An international attraction.
From the beginning, the dive center gave itself an international vocation and has already hosted Greek, German, Belgian, French and Italian divers.
Beyond this mission of the dive center, Ionian Dive Center is in the position to be a real ambassador of the southwest of the Peloponnese. This very beautiful region, with charming landscapes, is rich in history the considerable vestiges of antique Greece of which are witnesses. These are to discover both the inside of the lands and under the water. At just one hour away by road from Marathopolis is Olympia naturally one of the major places.
A huge number of courses to choose from beginners to experts. 

The Ionian Dive Center is recognized by the international organization PADI and SSI. This allows the divers to attend the following course and to obtain the following patents certificates:
  • Discover Snorkeling 
  • Discover Scuba diving 
  • Open Water Diver 
  • Scuba Diver 
  • Adventure Diver 
  • Advanced Open Water 
  • Emergency First 
  • Rescue Diver 
  • Dive Master 
Professionalism and conviviality

Beyond the courses, Ionian Dive Center also encourages a spirit of good-companionship between divers, in an atmosphere which is professional and friendly. Our center is really tuned in to its customers: there is numerous advice regarding diving, places to be visited, of inescapable restaurants, nice hotels, the night-life … In brief, we make it a point of diving visitor’s information useful for a stay in the region! 
Proof that this formula delights our customers: the Ionian Dive Center has managed to develop loyalty amongst divers and accompanying persons, who return year after year. We are happy to have made a success of our bet: having created a center of unique diving center and a perfect holiday to match! 

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