Diving Guide

Learning to dive is an amazing adventure! Ionian Dive Center offers Padi training recognized all over the world. It takes place in three steps.
Learning to dive : the 3 steps
The basic requirement for diving lessons
◊ Minimum age:

0 years old

 Condition physique

Your physical condition: no special physical condition is required. Nowadays diving is accessible to almost everybody. For safety reasons, each participant in a diving course will fill in, with the help of their doctor, a short medical questionnaire to ascertain if there would be an issue with diving.

 ◊ Diving equipment

except for your swimsuit… all other equipment is lent to you when you take the course. This is included in the course price.
Learning the basic knowledge

In the first step of your license Open Water Diver, you will learn the basic principles of scuba diving : the impact of the water pressure on your body, the choice of the best equipment, dive planning, etc. This knowledge is then the subject of a short questionnaire to verify that all these key concepts are understood. If omissions occur, your instructor will review with you knowledge gaps.
Water dives in a protected environment
In the second step, you will develop the basic skills of diving in a protected environment such as a swimming pool or a water site with similar conditions. Here you will also learn the proper use of your diving equipment and basic emergency techniques like sharing air or emptying your diving mask. After five dives in a protected site, you will be able to dive in open water.
Open water diving
This last step allows you to continue your learning but in open water. Four dives will be scheduled with your instructor in one of the dive sites of the Ionian Dive Center. It is here that you will begin to enjoy the water adventure.
To obtain a license, each at his own pace !

If you are a beginner, it is possible to learn scuba diving and start your basic diving in a protected site and then in open water in just 3 or 4 days. The Open Water Diver course of Ionian Dive Center allows each person to move at their own pace, their own performance and their own diving schedules. 5 or 6 sessions scheduled for your license may well take from 3 days to 6 weeks depending on each personal case.
The dangers of scuba diving

Indeed there are potential dangers but it is for this reason that the course and license certificate exist. They allow you to obtain an excellent control of diving techniques and how to best use the diving equipment.  However, statistics show you that scuba diving is no more dangerous than swimming and much less dangerous than driving a car… So relax and enjoy yourself!