Advanced Open Water
Beginners - 1 hour
To dive to a depth of up to 30 meters
Beginners - 2 hours 
 The benefit of the license

It allows you to dive up to 30 meters with a diver who has at least the same experience as you have.
Beginners - 3 hours
& Junior Open Water Diver
Course length  
Beginners - 5 days
5 days
For whom ?

12 years old or over and to have previously completed an Open Water Diver license, a Junior Open Water Diver license or an equivalent issued by a recognized organization with the same training and to have completed first of all a short medical questionnaire.
& Junior Scuba Diver
Beginners - 2 to 5 days
Advanced - 3 hours
Advanced - 5 days
 In the course’s program
You will learn the theory and the practice related to your chosen dives as well as :
Advanced - 2 hours
5 dives are included : 
1 dive up to 30 meters
1 orientation dive 
3 dives to be chosen out of fifteen sorts of dive 
the practical aspects of deep water diving
Pro - 5 days
the physiological effects of deep water diving
Pro - 2 weeks
additional ways to use your compass
 Underwater photography
 Wreck diving 
 Night dive 
 Scooter underwater diving 
 Control of buoyancy 
The way of turning by using the kick-cycles, the visual landmarks and the time
How best to use your computer and diving tables
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